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Natural spring water from the heart of South Devon.


For over 18 years Devonia has been a proud supplier of local restaurants, hotels and other small businesses in the south west area. 

Their determination is to create an environmentally friendly company which can be continued for generations to come. So far with the values this company has introduced they have saved 145,012kg of glass going to landfill by simply washing and reusing the bottles that they have back from their customers across Devon. 

The springs used for Devonia’s natural spring water is created on the edge of a meadow near the villages of Beeson and Beesands, less than a mile from the sea. The well is believed to have supplied the two villages and many sailors  that stopped off at the start point to shelter from storms. 


This unique company has a great passion for doing things in a different way and standing out in a crowd. During 2022 Devonia produced an incredible 310,000 bottles of water and reused an impressive 264,000 bottles. Saving 17.5 tons of glass from landfill.

What is the best way to help save the environment? Well you may think that using your local bottle bank is a step forward into the future to help create a more sustainable future, however reusing the bottles like Devonia do is a smart and innovative way. 

When an empty bottle is returned it is sterilised and reused, this approximately saves 16x the energy used compared to the energy used to crush and reform it. In this case this means that 16x less carbon dioxide is used. With using this effective method there is over 130 tons of glass saved from landfill. Thanks to companies wanting to have more of an impact helping the environment Devonia now has a re-use rate of 82%, which is an amazing number and shows each day more and more people are wanting to help create a better environment. The only thing that isn’t rescued is the aluminium cap. These are a one time seal which means once it’s unscrewed the tab is broken, this ensures that the contents can not be used again. As these aren’t reused these can be recycled the old way by being separated and taken to a recycling centre.