Explore Overbeck's Garden

In a secluded spot above the picturesque bay of South Sands lies Overbeck’s Garden, a hidden gem of the National Trust. The gardens of this unique property are open to visitors from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm, Sunday to Thursday. I had the pleasure of exploring the stunning gardens and immersing myself in its natural beauty last year and I cannot wait to see what the wonderful gardening team has been up to all winter!

The seven acres of hillside gardens overlooking the sea at Overbeck's Garden is truly a work of art. From the subtropical plants and exotic fruit trees and hidden pathways, every corner of the garden is a delight to explore. I particularly enjoyed the walled garden, which is home to a stunning array of flowers and aromatic plants, providing a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

As a National Trust property, Overbecks is committed to conserving the environment and preserving the heritage of the gardens. The staff are knowledgeable and passionate about sharing the history and significance of the property, and I learned so much during my visit. The microclimate of the garden, situated on the cliffside, creates an environment that is perfect for a diverse range of flora from different corners of the world. The garden is teeming with a variety of lush green trees, colourful flowering plants, and exotic shrubs that are typically found in tropical regions. Walking through its winding paths, you can see the vibrant hues and textures of the foliage that transport you to a distant land. Despite being in Devon, the garden's unique microclimate has allowed it to become a thriving hub of plant life from across the globe, making it a must-visit destination.

Overbecks will be reopening on March 17th with some exciting new additions. The Square, a beautifully landscaped seating area has been added to provide another tranquil spot for you to relax and immerse yourself in the lush greenery, vibrant colors, and sweet fragrances of the garden. Additionally, the team has created the Nature Nook, which is perfect for those who are curious about wildlife. This new feature will be ready for visitors just in time for Easter!

Why not plan a day out to explore the gardens? We recommend taking 1.5 to 2 hours to fully enjoy the experience. Once you have finished exploring the gardens, you can take a one-mile walk from Overbeck's Garden to East Soar. Along the way, you will see the runway of the former RAF Bolt Head as well as a secret nuclear bunker.

Overall, a visit to Overbeck's Garden is a definite when staying with us at South Sands. If you're looking for a unique and unforgettable experience during your time in Salcombe, I highly recommend taking a trip to this beautiful National Trust garden. You won't be disappointed!




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