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World Cocktail Day

Monday 13th May

In celebration of World Cocktail Day, we are delighted to announce a week-long special menu featuring cocktails crafted from local spirits. From refreshing classics to innovative twists.

Want to recreate a taste of South Sands at home?

Follow our recipe below...


The Devon Stormy

The Devon Stormy is a refreshing yet bold concoction that will transport you to the seas and rugged cliffs of Devon. With a perfect balance of zesty lime, fiery ginger beer, and the rich depth of Black Spiced Devon Rum, this drink is a storm in a glass that you'll want to weather again and again. Let's dive into crafting this tantalising cocktail.



- Ice
- 1/2 Lime
- Ginger Beer
- 50 ml Black Spiced Devon Rum 
- Lime wedge to garnish


Devon Rum Co.



The Recipe


1. Start by filling a tall glass of your choice with ice. 


2. Take half a lime and gently squeeze it over the ice-filled glass.


3. Next, pour the ginger beer into the glass, filling it almost to the brim. Choose a ginger beer with a robust kick to match the intensity of the stormy flavours. 





4. Now, it's time to add the star of the show: Black Spiced Devon Rum. Using the back of a spoon gently pour 50 ml of the rum into the glass. 


5. To add a final flourish, garnish your Devon Stormy with a lime wedge. Not only does it enhance the visual appeal of your cocktail, but it also provides a hint of extra lime freshness with each sip.


6. Give your creation a gentle stir to mingle the flavours, allowing the lime, ginger beer, and rum to dance together in perfect harmony.


Your Devon Stormy is now ready to be enjoyed. Cheers!